Bully Breed Program

The purpose of the Bully Breed Adoption Program is to provide a comfortable, loving environment for bully breed dogs while they are in our care. We also want to provide the community with a safe haven to surrender a bully breed dog without fear that the animal is going to be euthanized simply because of its breed. Most importantly, we want to provide the community with a place to adopt a bully breed dog that is healthy, friendly, and well-socialized.

Lake Humane Society defines a Bully Breed dog as any dog that is a pit bull, American Staffordshire terrier, or American bulldog; or is, or appears to be, mixed with pit bull, American Staffordshire terrier, or American bulldog.

We’re proud to be one of the first shelters in Northeast Ohio to become “bully friendly”. Since 2009, we have been taking in Bully Breed dogs and placing them in responsible, loving homes.

Although we are very proud that changes have been made in the Ohio law regarding BSL (breed specific legislation), the bully breeds are still not completely in the clear. There are still many city and county specific laws in Ohio that discriminate against them.

The biggest obstacle that our loving bullies will have to overcome is their stigma in the eyes of humans. Many of the opinions of bully breed dogs are based on their exploitation in the media. Other breeds of dogs, such as Rottweilers and Dobermans, have received the same negative publicity in the past, and now pit bulls are the target. With largely publicized raids on dog-fighting rings, you would think that more people would feel compassion toward them, but instead it causes more fear.

Our Bully Breed Adoption Program is coordinated by a team called the Bully Crew. These staff members are directly responsible for the intake of bully breed dogs, temperament testing, reviewing the needs of the individual dogs, and approving adoptions. At Lake Humane Society, we feel it is important for potential adopters to be educated on the breed in hopes that they will continue on as ambassadors of our mission to show the public that bully breeds can be wonderful companions.

Prior to adoption, all bully breed dogs receive a veterinary examination, heartworm test (if over 6 months of age), initials vaccinations, rabies vaccination (if over 4 months of age), treatment for fleas and worms, a microchip, and will be spayed or neutered.

For more information on our Bully Breed Adoption Program, or to inquire about adopting a bully breed dog, call the shelter at (440) 951-6122 and request to speak to a member of the Bully Crew or the Shelter Operations Manager.

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Bully Breed Program

Bully Breed

Bully Breed


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